Choosing an Asbestos Attorney for Mesothelioma

Written by on June 16, 2014

choosing an attorney

You worked your whole life. More than that, you worked hard your entire life. You worked to provide for your family, to retire and to enjoy life. Then, the worst happens. You are diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Now your focus shifts and you start working to figure every thing out so that in the end, your family is taken care of. That means its time to consider choosing an attorney to help with your legal options. So how do you choose an attorney? What do you look for when choosing an asbestos attorney who handles mesothelioma cases?

Five things to consider:

  1. What about reputation?
    Choose an attorney who has the reputation and experience that qualifies them to handle your case. “Googling” an attorney might give you lots of different options, but how do you know they are the right one? You want an attorney who has experience with asbestos cases, actually knows what they are doing and is successful.
  2. What about listening?
    Listening is very important. Some attorneys out there just want another case and could lump you in as just another client. You want an attorney who actually listens when you speak. You are not just another client. Your case is unique to your situation and you want a lawyer who acknowledges this.
  3. What about promises?
    Consider what they promise when you meet them. You should not hire an attorney who promises you a set monetary amount. As enticing at that sounds, it is not right and it is definitely unprofessional. You want someone who knows how to value your case but not someone who promises a dollar amount right away. This just screams of someone who is trying to entice you to go with them for all the wrong reasons.
  4. What about location?
    People have different ideas on who they should choose based on the location. Someone local could be nice because they are close to home. An attorney from a big city might seem like they really know what they are doing. We think what also matters is that an attorney comes to you. An in-person, shake your hand, meet your family kind of visit.
  5. What about fees?
    For personal injury cases like negligence and wrongful death cases, if you are the plaintiff, an attorney may typically ask you to agree to 33% of what you recover from your case, plus fees. If your case goes to trial, they may ask for a higher percentage. If your case loses, an attorney may not charge you anything.

What about Asbestos Disease, LLC?

We pride ourselves in our reputation and how we treat you and your disease. We will not just add you to our “list.” We will meet you, answer your calls and care about your case. Call us and learn more 1-800-547-4189.

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